Architect John Forrester and builder James Sinclair were commissioned in 1897 to design and build a new church manse for St Pauls Church Oamaru. The house was duly completed in 1901. 
The Reverend Porter and his family lived at 24 Reed Street until Ill health forced Reverend Porters' retirement in 1915 this period saw many church committee and fund raising meetings, the Porters being very involved in the community. 
The house remained St Pauls Church Manse until 1928 when it passed into private hands, six years later after many additions and alterations 24 Reed Street "Glen Mavis" private maternity home was opened and operated until 1946, the last 2 years as part of the the Waitaki Hospital. 
The next 57 years saw many owners and occupants. Paul and Linda Hebden moved into Oamaru Creek B & B mid 2014 and would like you to enjoy the experience of your stay in this grand Victorian Villa and explore the delights and sights of Oamaru.